20th October 2016
Sarah Campbell Designs for Magpie.

Sometimes a nicely styled image draws you to a product – never underestimate the importance of well-styled product shots! – and so these photos from Magpie caught my eye. This is where I need to raise my hand and say how much I like this company’s ethos. Magpie is a British homewares company with a wide range of products from ceramics and textiles to prints, and as they say on their website, Magpie’s love of nature extends to their methods of manufacture.

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19th October 2016
Melbourne renovation by Chelsea Hing, photo by Eve Wilson.

I love when I happen across a photo while scrolling on Pinterest and click through only to find a fantastic house, as was the case when I repinned this photo (below) from Inside Out and came to this dramatically redesigned 1970s home in Melbourne, which was featured in the magazine. The entire house has been beautifully designed by Chelsea Hing – you can find the gallery of photos by the very talented Eve Wilson here – but the space that really caught my eye was the light-filled dining and kitchen zone.

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18th October 2016
Royal Park Terrace, Edinburgh, with Coulters. Photo by SquareFoot.

Years ago, I wrote about two projects on Royal Park Terrace in Edinburgh – numbers 40 and 42. Both properties had previously been shops and were converted in 2002/3 to residential use by Zone Architects. Architect David Jamieson worked closely with both owners to create bespoke living spaces. Number 42 was a home and studio for a photographer, while number 40 was converted into a home. I remember arriving at number 42, entering across the walkway that led inside from the front door, where the owner had parked his motorbike, and realising that this was going to be a very distinctive home indeed.

In terms of the spaces and volume, number 40 was no less unique. And thirteen years after that first visit – and no, I can’t believe it’s been that long! – this property at 40 Royal Park Terrace is now on the market with Coulters.

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17th October 2016
Y Residence, Melbourne, by Studio Tate, photo by Tessa Ross-Pelan.

How to make compact urban homes work and flow and function well is a subject that’s close to my heart. I live in the city centre, and when it’s too expensive to have the space you might want, you need to be a little more thoughtful about the space you have. We’re thinking about this at the moment: if we move to gain a garden for Harris, which will likely mean downsizing, how do we then create multi-functional spaces? (Factor in two home offices and you can see the challenge.) So whenever I come across an urban home where the space has been created with a bit of ingenuity, I’m interested in finding out more.

All of which brings me to this house, Y Residence, which I spotted featured on Est. Designed by Studio Tate, this two-storey house is located in an inner city suburb in Melbourne.

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12th October 2016
Beresford Terrace, London, listed with The Modern House.

I first spotted this unique home on the Instagram feed from The Modern House – and even if you’re not looking for a property, this gallery is so inspiring in terms of the architecture and design featured. The first image I saw was the photo below, and I thought, ‘What is this place?’ as I was drawn to the eclectic styling and the patina of the chimney breast with its open fireplace. And that photo led me to this listing from The Modern House.

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