22nd May 2019

How do you build a house on an unspoilt natural site without destroying the very nature that makes that site so special? This was the question faced by the owners of Villa Åkerman when they came to this plot in Värmdö, which sits in the middle of the Stockholm Archipelago, back in 2013. Albert and Amanda Åkerman wanted to create a family home that would embrace the nature surrounding it while also respecting the site. As Albert says in an  interview published in Swedish Elle Decoration in June 2016, even if the house isn’t here in 100 years, the couple wanted the rock that it sits upon to be intact.

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8th May 2019

I couldn’t resist this new wallpaper collection from Mineheart when it popped up as I was scrolling through products for the weekly interior news page I compile for a newspaper. At a glance, this ‘Back To Nature‘ design by Australian illustrator Courtney Brims feels like a classic flowers and fauna design, but then hang on, is that a snake I see…?

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10th April 2019

I have a confession to make, and I can’t quite believe that I’m writing this but…. I’ve never been a big fan of house plants. Okay, before you throw your hands up in horror, I’m blaming my childhood for this (of course). Growing up, our home was filled with plants. We had macrame hanging baskets with plants. Spider plants everywhere. And mother-in-law’s tongues looking spiky and defiant alongside the fireplace. I grew up surrounded by plants, and rather than making me appreciate and enjoy all this natural greenery, as soon as I had my own place I made sure that it was a plant-free zone. Too busy, too leafy, too spiky, too green. There was no space in my home for plants.

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22nd March 2019

I’ve been an admirer of Dowsing & Reynolds for some time – we’ve used their matt black switches and sockets at home, and their Trikonasana pendant light hangs in my yoga space, glowing with their beautiful squirrel cage filament bulbs. (And could there be a better-named light for a yoga space!) Deciding to use matt black for the hardware also fitted in with a wider aesthetic: when redesigning the kitchen and shower room – a long term plan once the budget allows – I’m planning to use black taps in both, and a black shower. All with a lovely matt finish, of course, as looks aside, that tactile quality makes these everyday pieces a real pleasure to use.

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7th February 2019

It’s been a stressful week between work (the least stressful bit as I’ve had some great interiors to write about) and family, plus a small hound who’s been reacting badly (I think) to some anti-anxiety meds, so neither of us have been sleeping. Yes, today requires a steady supply of caffeine and Montezuma’s dark chocolate. So before diving into another interview and another print deadline, I wanted to share this beautiful, serene interior that I happened across on Pinterest, which led me to this post on Krone Kern. This is the home of Elin Kickén, who is one half of the Swedish stylist duo Sundling-Kickén, and the interior was photographed by Mikael Lundblad for Residence Magazine.

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