Bio pic editHello and thanks for visiting Copperline.

My name is Fiona Reid and I’m a freelance journalist. I’ve been writing about design – interiors, property and architecture – for nineteen years, working as a journalist for newspapers and magazines across the UK.

I started my first property blog, The Property Files, in early 2013, and the design blog Copperline later the same year. The time came to merge the two together, and so this Copperline was born in summer 2015.

Now, two years on, it feels time to let the blog evolve again. I’ve been rolling around an idea for a new blog for so long, but I already know that having two blogs doesn’t really work. And Copperline doesn’t need to be about one thing – I love yoga, and I’m passionate about vegan living. And my favourite thing is taking photos of my dachshund Harris – you can find him on Instagram.

So why shouldn’t this blog also be about all those things: yoga, vegan living, dogs (I’m planning to start a series on dog-friendly places to stay around the UK), as well as interiors and architecture and chats with people involved in creative businesses.

Because a blog is also personal, and  I feel Copperline should reflect that.

I hope you enjoy browsing. Please drop me a line if you have any questions, or if you just want to say hello.