Hello and thanks for visiting Copperline. If this is your first time here – and if you’re reading this About page, I realise it might be – then welcome. I should start by saying that this blog has changed a lot since I first launched it in 2015. For a start, it’s no longer about design. Initially I was blogging about architecture and interiors having written about both in my work life for newspapers and magazines for over twenty years. Sharing about design here was an extension of that, and if you dig back into the archives, all the content is design related.

But in recent years – and particularly since moving in 2018 and swapping the city centre for a coastal location – my interests have shifted, and the last few years have reminded me of what I love most: photography, nature walks, yoga, and writing.

And, as an extension of that, the content I’m sharing here has changed. This blog is now about life on the coast with posts about our walks in East Lothian, where we live.

I also started a series last year called #TakeOne simply featuring one photo – taking inspiration from Instagram, to be honest, as I enjoy the simplicity of sharing moments, so why not do the same here?

I must admit, it feels odd having the historic design content on the blog now. I was tempted to archive it all, to start afresh with the content that feels relevant now. But then, this has always been a personal space to write – none of the content here has been sponsored – and the design content was once part of that. It was what I chose to write about a few years ago, so I’m leaving it here for now.

You can also find me sharing our coastal walks on Instagram, while the canine family members, Harris and Bracken, are also on Instagram here.

The photo above? This scene is from John Muir Country Park in East Lothian, my favourite place and my second home. My true home, in a sense, as I always feel that ‘home’ is the space or place where you feel most at peace, and that’s always the case here.

Thanks for reading, Fiona

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