7th September 2022

Do you have certain scenes that you never get tired of photographing? I have a few, the view over Hedderwick Sands (at John Muir Country Park, as in my previous post) being the most obvious, but also every view of Fidra. I started sharing Fidra photos using the tag #TheFidraSeries earlier this year on Instagram, but have many, many more shots – photos I always mean to post but then pause, wondering if people might be bored of the same vista.

But to me this view is never quite the same. The shifting tides, the changing seasons and light – it always feels different. It’s a place that I’ll keep returning to again and again.

These photos are from a Sunday evening walk in August. It was one of those walks that started below blue skies, with the faintest blush of orange in the distance as we walked down through the dunes to the beach, and then, as we walked on, the sky just glowed.

Yellowcraig, East Lothian, August 2022.