Take One


10th December 2022

It’s a frozen weekend here, and a strange one as I’m home alone with the lads (of course, when I’m with the lads, I’m never alone) and we won’t be able to go out anywhere. And our weekends usually revolve around walks. Regardless of the weather (more or less – we avoid wild, driving rain but that’s about it) we’ll usually be on a coastal walk somewhere.

But not this weekend. This weekend is about staying indoors; practicing yoga in front of the stove as the lads snuggle; catching up with some Instagram reels I’ve been meaning to do; editing some photos I’ve been meaning to edit; working my way through season 4 of This Is Us; scrolling through Netflix looking for movies that I haven’t seen for years; feeling angsty about not being outside and thinking, as I type, about the beautiful light I’m missing that I can currently see reflected on some neighbouring windows… and a blog post or two.

Starting with this single photo from an October walk at John Muir Country Park. It was our last evening walk here before the clocks changed and we lost evening walks completely. We wound along the edge of the woods as the very last light glowed and then faded over Hedderwick Sands, and I was trying to soak in all the little moments: this view, this light, the birdsong that was fading with the light… holding them, knowing it would be months before we could be here again at 6pm, enjoying the hush of this place as day shifted into night.

Hedderwick Sands. John Muir Country Park, East Lothian, October 2022.