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14th April 2020

As we find ourselves in week four of the UK’s lockdown, knowing that there will be more weeks stretching ahead – and many more with some level of restrictions even once this lockdown has been eased – I realise that I feel very differently about my home these days. I appreciate it differently. I’ve always appreciated it. The recession taught me never to take home for granted – indeed, my youth taught me this – but still, my perspective has shifted. I’m glad that I don’t live in the city any more; that I can walk to our local beach or around the ash lagoons, a place where I walked as a child, when the landscape looked very different, and that I’m rediscovering now, unexpectedly. I’m so glad that we have a garden, even though it’s tiny, as that slice of outdoor space has never felt more important. Just knowing you have some space beyond your walls.

And when I’m scrolling through interiors, while I’m always drawn to spaces that exude an uncluttered sense of calm, I’m also looking at houses that I could imagine escaping to. Places that are connected to nature in some way.

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13th April 2016

I’ve just been writing about a flat in Edinburgh where the owners have built up a diverse collection of artworks and also have a passion for books – the walls are literally filled with the things they love – and this reminded me that when you’re looking at properties, it’s the homes with personality that always catch your eye. Yes, sometimes it’s about the dramatic volume of a space, or the beauty of the architecture, but sometimes you’re drawn to the pieces; the artworks and collections of objects that make this one interior, this one property, stand out from everything else you’ve seen.

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29th August 2014

I haven’t been to Berlin for years. Indeed, I’m ashamed to acknowledge this as it’s a city I’ve long wanted to return to and explore properly. And looking at these photographs of this incredible interior is pretty much pushing me over the edge. Continue Reading…



28th March 2014

So the first of today’s two International Fridays posts was, I acknowledged, a little large (and expensive) to work as a Parisian pied-à-terre, which got me thinking: let’s find a Parisian pied-à-terre. And here it is, though at a listed price of €580,000 (around £480,000) this is still way outside my price range. But then blogging about property and interiors is akin to dreaming about property and interiors: it’s rarely about reality, but it is about inspiration.
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26th March 2014

When it comes to properties, I absolutely believe in love at first sight. I remember once, years ago, turning up to a photo shoot at a cottage in the Scottish Borders to find a giant, and I mean giant topiary hen outside the front door. You couldn’t help but smile. Granted, this might not be everyone’s idea of a selling feature, but for me it hinted that this interior was going to be really interesting, and it was exactly as quirky and eclectic and brilliantly designed as that introduction suggested. Continue Reading…



18th February 2014

Seeing these images (which I spotted on this post from Desire to Inspire) simply reminds me why I need to renew my subscription to Inside Out magazine. I’ve always loved this publication – I have a stack of back issues sitting in my office. Sure, every issue features great looking homes, as you would expect, but also the styling and photography always has that special something, and then there’s the magical natural light that seems to infuse every interiors shoot. Continue Reading…