29th August 2014

I haven’t been to Berlin for years. Indeed, I’m ashamed to acknowledge this as it’s a city I’ve long wanted to return to and explore properly. And looking at these photographs of this incredible interior is pretty much pushing me over the edge.


This three bedroom apartment is situated in the heart of Berlin and is available to let on a day or weekly basis, with a minimum stay of two nights and a maximum stay of one month. I won’t pretend that I just stumbled across this: Nomads has just been featured on HomeDSGN, and while I wouldn’t normally pick something up and run with it so soon, well, this space was too incredible to simply bookmark.

tumblr_nb0u68X4Um1s1j1cto6_1280 tumblr_nb0u68X4Um1s1j1cto4_1280

My dream interior involves lots of texture with layered shades of grey and a hint of mid-century styling, so you can see why this apartment appealed.

tumblr_nb0u68X4Um1s1j1cto7_1280 tumblr_nb0u68X4Um1s1j1cto5_1280

I love the open plan layout and the careful selection of pieces and design detailing that gives this space a subtle patina, from the use of rustic timber and textiles to the log store inserted into that pristine white wall in the main living area. And look at the decorative ceiling in the living space, and the Berlin map wall art in one of the bedrooms – creative touches that reference the location.

tumblr_nb0u68X4Um1s1j1cto8_1280 tumblr_nb0u68X4Um1s1j1cto2_1280

All in all, a very cool apartment that I’d have to be dragged out of at the end of my trip.

Nomads is available to let via Suite. 0 3 0 and prices start at €648 per day or €3,050 per week. Photos via Suite. 0 3 0.