14th April 2020

As we find ourselves in week four of the UK’s lockdown, knowing that there will be more weeks stretching ahead – and many more with some level of restrictions even once this lockdown has been eased – I realise that I feel very differently about my home these days. I appreciate it differently. I’ve always appreciated it. The recession taught me never to take home for granted – indeed, my youth taught me this – but still, my perspective has shifted. I’m glad that I don’t live in the city any more; that I can walk to our local beach or around the ash lagoons, a place where I walked as a child, when the landscape looked very different, and that I’m rediscovering now, unexpectedly. I’m so glad that we have a garden, even though it’s tiny, as that slice of outdoor space has never felt more important. Just knowing you have some space beyond your walls.

And when I’m scrolling through interiors, while I’m always drawn to spaces that exude an uncluttered sense of calm, I’m also looking at houses that I could imagine escaping to. Places that are connected to nature in some way.

Which brings me to this (dare I say charming?) house located in the coastal town of Kivik in Skåne County in Sweden, which I happened across on Fantastic Frank. If you’re thinking about houses where you could retreat from the world, yes, I’d be very happy here, with this patio area to sit outside on warm evenings and the garden surrounded by trees, and within walking distance of the beach. Reading (translating) the info on the listing, it appears that the current owners have renovated the house, and that it was once owned by their parents. I’m drawn to this vintage/contemporary/eclectic mix, as I’m guessing that many of these pieces will have stories of sales room or thrift shops discoveries.

I love pieces with this patina and sense of history, and it’s something I’d really like to have more of at home too. I’ve interviewed so many people over the years who have a great eye for finding random and quirky pieces, pieces that I’d probably walk past as I wouldn’t visualise them in a different context, so I know that finding items like this is partly a skill, and partly keeping your eyes peeled for opportunities. Of particular note for me are the two industrial style cabinets in the dining room and kitchen – finds I’m definitely looking out for when thinking about our home.

So just a few photos today as I wanted to share this lovely, calm house. Stay safe, Fiona x

This house in Kivik is on the market with Fantastic Frank; see the listing here

All photography via Fantasic Frank.