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In Conversation


18th September 2014

For most of us, paper is an everyday essential; something we have way too much of cluttering up our desks or our offices; something we’re told we should be able to function without – does anyone really have a paper free office? – but which is as necessary as, well, caffeine. Or it’s the paper that fills our books or magazines. Essential paper, but paper that, if we’re honest, we probably take for granted.

But speak to paper artist Rachel Hazell and it quickly becomes clear that the humble sheet of paper is much more than a disposable everyday essential. In Rachel’s hands, it is crafted into a beautiful and unique piece of art. Her work ranges from exhibitions and solo shows to workshops – including forthcoming workshops in Paris, the Shetlands, and Venice – through to site-specific installations that are minimalist and sculptural.

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26th March 2014

When it comes to properties, I absolutely believe in love at first sight. I remember once, years ago, turning up to a photo shoot at a cottage in the Scottish Borders to find a giant, and I mean giant topiary hen outside the front door. You couldn’t help but smile. Granted, this might not be everyone’s idea of a selling feature, but for me it hinted that this interior was going to be really interesting, and it was exactly as quirky and eclectic and brilliantly designed as that introduction suggested. Continue Reading…

In Conversation


11th December 2013

From a love of the performing arts to her student days in Wales studying film and cinematography, the creative world has always played a role in Alice Carter’s personal and professional life. Now, as one half of the online gallery Boxbird – alongside her husband, illustrator Graham Carter – Alice gets to work with and showcase some of the UK’s leading illustrators, printmakers and fine artists. Continue Reading…