7th November 2014

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve delved into International Fridays, and a few months since I’ve ventured near Fantastic Frank’s wonderful website. It’s impossible to visit this site without becoming smitten with at least one property (if not several) as this company is known for its immaculate styling and photography.

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And today is no exception. Located in Hammarby Sjöstad, on the southern fringes of Stockholm, this corner apartment sits within a modern development and overlooks the dock. Interestingly, the apartment is for rent. I say ‘interestingly’ for two reasons. Firstly, I rarely feature properties that are for rent because this isn’t a sector where you tend to find really exciting interiors.

Secondly, as someone who has been in the rental market for years, I appreciate how hard it is to find a rental property that also feels like a ‘home’. Here in the UK, rental properties have tended to be looked on as short term options, where someone will happily live with someone else’s choice of furniture and décor for a six-month or year-long contract.


However, if you’re looking for a longer term home, as I was nine years ago when I moved into my flat, then you want an interior that a/ looks great, b/ functions well, and c/ offers the scope to add your own individuality, from furniture to lighting to artworks – just as you would when buying. I was fortunate as I rented from a landlord who didn’t mind me changing all the light fittings and installing dimmer switches throughout, and moving out her furniture to add my own, but I was creating a home that I’d want to live in. It’s a different way of looking at renting – in this country at least – but perhaps we’ll see more of this moving ahead as more people either can’t take on mortgages or choose not to.


Which brings me to this beautifully styled apartment. It has personality, from the display of artworks and those styling touches to the punches of wallpaper. Of course, this is what Fantastic Frank does beautifully, but still, it’s inspiring. I love the eclectic mix going on here – even just in the dining area with its one wall of blue-printed wallpaper and glamorous Caboche pendant light contrasting with the crisp white kitchen.


Looking at this interior has made me realise one thing for sure: my home needs more artworks. And I wouldn’t mind a wall of Bold & Noble’s fabulous Northeasterly wallpaper being added somewhere…


All photos via Fantastic Frank.