7th November 2014

I’ve always loved the styling and photography from Fantastic Frank – indeed, you’ll find a few International Fridays posts lurking over on the Files featuring properties from this agent, including today’s offering in Hammarby Sjöstad, on the southern fringes of Stockholm. And it was while looking at that apartment that I spotted this one in Östermalm, which was also marketed by Fantastic Frank and is now sold. 

tumblr_neo4nnewZy1sij10fo2_500 tumblr_neo4nnewZy1sij10fo6_500

There are features to admire and be inspired by here, from the overscaled pendant lighting to the striking fireplace that creates a simple, graphic focal point to this open plan living space. The wall stencil is also a cool touch. Could I live in a space that was this minimal?


Well, no, I’d need a sofa thrown in here somewhere. And a few more rugs to cosy things up. But this cool tones-of-grey-and-monochrome palette feels very much like the November day I’m looking at outside, and makes me itch to add a couple of dark grey-toned feature walls at home.

tumblr_neo4nnewZy1sij10fo4_1280 tumblr_neo4nnewZy1sij10fo5_1280

Once again, immaculate styling.

All photography via Fantastic Frank.