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12th May 2017

Back in February 2015 I wrote about a house at 47 Old Church Street in London’s Chelsea that had been completed by the design studio and developer Echlin – you can find the accompanying Steller story here. It was a stunning property, and at the time I wrote: ‘This interior reminds you of what luxury really looks like: exquisite materials and detailing with a strong sense of craftsmanship, with some knockout features… and a floor plan conceived to enhance the space and flow and light.’

Two years on and I’m delighted to be sharing another project by Echlin that reflects these same qualities of craftsmanship combined with an impressive use and flow of space – with all photography by Nathalie PriemContinue Reading…



11th May 2017
As Long As You Like dining table, by Jenkins & Uhnger, in Lundhs Blue stone.

Back in February I shared a post about Lundhs Real Stone worktops, otherwise known as ‘the kitchen worktops I’d like to have in my future home’, so perhaps I don’t need to explain why this latest collaboration between the Norwegian stone specialist Lundhs and the British and Norwegian design duo Thomas Jenkins and Sverre Uhnger caught my eye. Featuring Lundhs Blue stone combined with solid oak, this design collaboration is called As Long As You Like and offers a series of unique handmade dining tables that can be tailored to any length.

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22nd February 2017
Lundhs Emerald kitchen worktop

Given my addiction to all things Scandi, it’s perhaps no surprise that these images from the Norwegian stone specialists Lundhs caught my eye. When I was choosing a new worktop for my own kitchen a few years back, my default mode was to opt for natural stone. (I should explain, while I rent, I’m really fortunate to have a landlord who understands that a tenant who looks at interiors for a living is a good person to get involved when considering any home improvements!) We considered granite in various colourways, but in the end I realised that I really didn’t want a high gloss finish. I wanted something matte, something quiet. I opted for this Silestone and it’s beautiful, but had I come across Lundhs Real Stone worktops, and specifically their silk matte finish stone, well, my kitchen might have looked a little different today.

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2nd February 2017
Minoa, Kea and Kora Vases

You know when you happen across a website, start browsing, and half an hour later you’re still there, hooked, clicking through categories and making mental lists of things you’d like? Curious Egg is one of those sites as this online store is literally filled with unique objects from accessories, textiles and lighting to (incredible!) wallpapers and artworks.

Curious Egg was launched in 2015 by artist Lorraine Aaron and her husband Roddy, who live in Perth in Scotland – I have to admit this Scottish connection also caught my eye. Lorraine has worked as a sculptor, painter, public artist and gallery artist, and has also taught contemporary arts practice and run a successful art consultancy business. Intrigued by how this experience led her to launch Curious Egg and informs her selection of pieces and artists, designers and craftspeople, I caught up with Lorraine to ask about her background and her business.

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22nd November 2016
Jenni Douglas in her studio; photo by Stewart Bremner.

I was recently introduced to the work of printmaker and pattern designer Jenni Douglas and, unsurprisingly, given that I’ve lived in or near Edinburgh for most of my life, I was immediately drawn to her collection of Edinburgh prints and linocuts. Jenni launched her business, Jenni Douglas Designs, in 2012, and her collections have expanded to incorporate animals and birds – I love her Woodpigeon Pair Print with its mustard, teal and grey combo – and woodland themes.

There’s also an extensive abstract pattern collection that includes shapes and forms inspired by nature – the Hillwalks Block Print is beautifully bold and graphic – along with midcentury references. As well as prints, Jenni also features her prints on a range of homewares including cushions and lampshades.

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