28th June 2022

My previous post was titled Last Light at North Berwick, while this one edges just along the coast to the neighbouring beach with a last-light walk at Yellowcraig from Sunday evening. And, for readers who are on the subscriber list to this blog, this is a ‘hello again’ post. It’s been a while. I removed the subscriber list when I stopped writing about interiors here, but as I’ll be spending more time on the blog now (and I’ll explain why in a later post), I wanted to add the subscribe option again for anyone who’d like to follow along with these walks.

Which brings me to a point for anyone who’s received an email about this post having subscribed to the ‘old’ Copperline. This blog is no longer about interiors or design, so I’ll completely understand if it’s time to unsubscribe and say farewell. If you were here for the interiors and architecture and properties… well, a blog about coastal walks is a very different place to be! It’s a different niche and I know this isn’t for everyone.

But if you’re still reading and you’re intrigued, what can you expect from Copperline now? Well, it’s always been a personal space; a place to write about things that caught my eye and that interested me, which used to be interiors, but now my life revolves around being outdoors and taking photos of the shifting skies and scenes from our walks with the lads, Harris and Bracken. Most of our walks are in East Lothian, but I’ll be sharing any trips that take us a bit further afield too. If you enjoy coastal scenes and skyscapes as much as I do, stick around.

I’m also hoping that some people might be following along here for the lads’ adventures – perhaps to gain some more background on all the walks we share on Instagram. I’m increasingly conscious that the content shared both on my Instagram and on @theworldaccordingtoharris is in the hands of the algorithm. Once you post something, you have no control over who sees it or when they see it – which is particularly true if it’s a photo post rather than a reel these days – so this space feels simple by comparison. No algorithms, no background ‘noise’; just some photos and some words.

And this blog might evolve again in the coming weeks. I’m been itching to share vegan content for a while now but haven’t figured out how to do that and make it fit. Not food-related, I should say, as while what you eat is clearly central to choosing a plant-based life, I’m no foodie and there are other aspects that interest me more.

I also suspect that once I’ve stopped writing about interiors in my work life (in just under two weeks *gulp*), I’m going to miss it. I’ve spent over two decades writing about interiors and can’t imagine that just… ending. So, there might be some interiors or property posts creeping back in here. Perhaps coastal properties? Less about the interiors and more about the location? Perhaps dog-friendly and vegan-friendly places to stay? (Yes, that is a niche and I’m here for it!) Watch this space.

So, for some people reading this, it’s probably a farewell, while for others, this might be a hello. If you’re in the latter camp, I hope you enjoy following these walks. Please do drop me a comment if you have any questions. I’ll end this post with this beautiful light moment as we were just about to leave Yellowcraig beach on Sunday night, looking out towards Fidra. It’s incredible to think that this photo was taken at 9.20pm, and just look at this light…

Yellowcraig, East Lothian, June 2022.