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26th April 2021

I started a series of stories on Steller a few weeks back from this walk at Gullane Point, which has become one of our favourite walks in the last year or so, and I thought I’d share some of those photos here too. Aside from driving horizontal rain – as we try to avoid walking anywhere in horizontal rain! – I reckon we’ve experienced this walk in every other type of weather, from the frozen and blustery days when the wind is literally whipping along the clifftop section of the walk, to the wintry days of ice and snow, when you can feel the temperature dip even further as you reach the sheltered beach, to balmy evenings when the sea is completely calm and the sky is glowing gloriously orange.

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8th April 2021

As I write this on Thursday afternoon, sitting at my desk with this week’s deadlines happily behind me while listening to the wind blustering around outside, I can definitely say that this is where I’d rather be. Yes, even on a stormy day! Always, basically. I realise that my previous post here was also from Yellowcraig, but we had a long weekend off over Easter, and the weather was kind to us. And last Friday’s walk here was beautiful – just so calm, and with this gentle light over the water as afternoon eased into evening. The kind of day we’ve longed for over the winter months.

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18th April 2020

I started collecting beach finds when I was very young, walking on our local beach with my Dad and our Corgi Smut. My family moved to the coast when I was just three, so the sights and sounds and scents of the beach feel as if they are wound into my DNA. I had a collection of shells that grew and grew over the years, some picked up on our walks but others, including an entire collection of sea urchin shells, that my parents must have bought somewhere, although looking back, goodness knows where. I’m not sure what happened to them when I grew up. I’d like to think that they were passed on to someone else, but I guess they were thrown out, a childhood hobby that I’d outgrown.

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