31st March 2021

A strange title for a blog post, you may be thinking, but I really was waiting five long months for last weekend, when the clocks shifted and we moved back into our longer daylight hours. I don’t mind winter – I prefer cold weather and relish those frozen winter walks when there are few people around. Summer can be a challenge. Ironically, I find myself spending more time indoors as it’s often too hot, or too sunny for those of us with sun-sensitive skin. (And yes, I realise I’m in the minority with this thinking!) For me, winter is the time to get outdoors as much as possible, and particularly to counter the effect of the abbreviated days and low light.

Last year, on the weekend that the clocks changed, we were in the early days of the first lockdown, really with no idea of what lay ahead. Too busy adjusting to think far beyond a week at a time. A year on, as our worlds slowly open up again, I want to make the most of these long and lighter days. More time down the coast. More time exploring new – and familiar – places elsewhere in Scotland. Weekend mornings of getting up early and heading away for the day. More photos. More adventures with the lads.

These photos are from Sunday, when we spent the extra hour outdoors, relishing that early evening light – even if it was still getting dark as we finished our walk. Grateful for the empty beach. Grateful to have these evening walks back. Ready to share more of these moments here in the months ahead.