7th July 2021

I’m having a day where I’m feeling a bit under the weather, which definitely makes it harder to simply focus and sit and write, so I thought I’d come here with a blog post to simply… get words flowing. Switch my brain into that place. And to share these photos from Friday evening. We’d been planning to head down the coast, as we usually do on a Friday night to mark the close of the week and let the lads have a good long run, but the weather had other ideas. To be honest, had we felt less tired, we’d have got in the car regardless of the weather, but I left the lads and Richard at home and headed out for a local walk. A solo walk in the rain, I should say.

We’d been into Edinburgh briefly during the day, and I always feel that I need to shake off any trip into the city. Literally shake off the noise and the traffic and that feeling of being around too many people. It’s hard to think that we lived in the city centre until three years ago, as I don’t enjoy being in that environment now. And yes, Covid has played its part in this as months of staying distanced has made it hard to be anything but.

So I walked across town in the rain, heading to the harbour. I could see the light changing as I walked, looking down the streets that run perpendicular to the sea front and seeing the clouds breaking over the Forth and a glow emerging. But still, I didn’t expect to arrive at the harbour and find this light. This wonderful glow, just waiting. The scene looks more peaceful than it was in reality as there were kids out on the harbour wall and more on the west beach. I paused, took some photos, and walked back to the east beach where it was quiet and calm. And I stood at the water’s edge, watching the light shift, gently letting go of the day.

Fisherrow, East Lothian.