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9th August 2017

Up until a few years ago, I was one of those people who always said I couldn’t live in a place without a bath. I needed my end-of-the-day bathing fix to unwind – and sleep. But now, the last thing I do at night before going to bed is take Harris and Bracken out for a walk, and by the time I get home it’s close to midnight and I’m too tired. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate a bath purely for its aesthetics! Which explains why the new Uno freestanding bath from Clearwater caught my eye.

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10th March 2017

Over the years – and certainly since Harris came trotting into our lives – I’ve become much more conscious of the practical considerations when looking at floor coverings. Now my checklist starts with: what’s easy to clean, as you can’t avoid wet paw prints after a damp walk or a bath. And I seem to be incapable of walking across the kitchen without somehow kicking over Harris’s water bowl. All the time. Also, what’s warm underfoot and would work with underfloor heating, as this is definitely on my wish list for our future bathroom. And while I’d always choose timber for a main living space and bedrooms, with a kitchen, bathroom or hallway I can see myself leaning towards something a little different.

Which is why this new collection by Neisha Crosland for Harvey Maria caught my eye. I shared a range of flooring designed for Harvey Maria by Dee Hardwicke on the blog last year, and this latest collection of vinyl tiles designed in collaboration with Neisha Crosland combines a bold geometric pattern with a neutral and elegant (and dare I say very ‘me’) colour palette.

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5th April 2016

“We think floors should be celebrated, adorned and given the same status as the walls and furnishings,” Harvey Maria writes on their website, and I must admit, after looking through the company’s latest collections, I can only agree. While my default mode has always been for simple timber flooring – unless we’re talking about historic floor tiles, like the Victorian encaustic tiles I admire in properties around Edinburgh – I was hooked on Harvey Maria’s patterned vinyl flooring the moment I laid eyes on Neisha Crosland’s award-winning Parquet floor tiles. Here was a floorcovering that I couldn’t definitely imagine having at home – warm underfoot, hardwearing enough for small paws, and stylish.

The company has collaborated with some of Britain’s best-loved designers, and 2016 sees the launch of the latest range created for Harvey Maria by the designer Dee Hardwicke.

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