12th September 2014

Do you ever randomly come across a house online, and even when it isn’t strictly your taste or what you’re looking for – perhaps it’s too contemporary, or perhaps the opposite and too traditional – you can imagine yourself living there in some alternative life? That’s how I felt when I saw this property located in Lidingö, which is an island in the inner Stockholm archipelago, northeast of Stockholm.


I’m always drawn to contemporary design, and you’d imagine that if house-hunting in this area there would be some great contemporary offerings to choose from, but I’m also a sucker for fine period detail and a house that offers a gentle aesthetic.

tumblr_nao8d1Z3Q21s1j1cto4_1280 tumblr_nao8d1Z3Q21s1j1cto5_1280

And, for me anyway, this house has that. I’m sold from the herringbone parquet floors. And the interconnected, flowing living and dining space. And that giant decked terrace area that combines a sheltered dining spot with open-air seating. Basically, take me here now.

tumblr_nao8d1Z3Q21s1j1cto6_1280 tumblr_nao8d1Z3Q21s1j1cto8_1280

The property dates from 1924 and has five bedrooms – all on the upper level – while the entire ground floor is given over to the large living room and the dining and kitchen areas. There are many period features, including fireplaces and simple, refined cornice detailing, and there’s a gently eclectic mix of traditional and more contemporary furnishings – a mix that sits well in this house.

tumblr_nao8d1Z3Q21s1j1cto9_1280 tumblr_nao8d1Z3Q21s1j1cto10_1280

This is a house that calls for a soft touch with textural rugs and throws, and I can imagine decking this interior out in chalky off-whites and greys from Farrow & Ball – very similar to what’s going on here in terms of neutral colours, but perhaps with warmer grey tones to offset those period features.


What do you think – can you imagine this house as your weekend escape? I certainly can.

This property was marketed by Per Jansson.

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