9th August 2016

I feel that I should start a hashtag series for all the Scandinavian houses and apartments that I keep drooling over – #ScandiHouseLust perhaps? Because every time I look on Fantastic Frank or Lagerlings or Entrance Mäkleri there’s another gorgeous property beckoning – in fact, scrub that: there are several gorgeous properties beckoning.

Today’s irresistible number is an apartment that I bookmarked several weeks ago while scrolling through Lagerlings – it now appears to have sold as the listing has gone, but I couldn’t resist sharing these photos.

Östermalm apartment, Lagerlings Östermalm apartment, Lagerlings Östermalm apartment, Lagerlings

From the classic Finn Juhl sofa (beautiful) to the Flos 265 wall lights (also beautiful, and definitely on my list of ‘things I’d like to have in the future’), to that pop of teal velvet on the sofa and the herringbone parquet floor, what’s not to love about this room. I’m always drawn to an interior that feels personal, where it’s not just about a checklist of desirable pieces – although this interior has those too – but it’s also about the artworks and sculptures and the mix of periods and styles.

Östermalm apartment, LagerlingsÖstermalm apartment, Lagerlings

And, in this apartment, it’s also about fantastic lighting like the Taraxacum 88 pendant light from Flos, below, which was designed by Achille Castiglioni.

Östermalm apartment, Lagerlings 5162547

This moody grey palette flows into the kitchen. One of the striking things scanning through these photos is the amount of greenery, and how great all this foliage looks against the grey walls. And this is particularly apparent in the dining-kitchen where an entire section of wall is given over to plants. Now this is an idea I’d like to steal.

Östermalm apartment, Lagerlings Östermalm apartment, Lagerlings

Again there’s lots to admire in this space, not least the copper finish used on the rear of the island. It probably goes without saying that I love those AIM pendants suspended above the island – again from Flos and designed by R. & E. Bouroullec. This is one my favourite lights and has been since I first laid eyes on this design, and here the pendants hint at the subtle industrial styling throughout this space. Note the chunky brass tap against the sleek marble worktop. I also like the use of patterned tiles (on which, look out for a great graphic tiling range coming up on the blog soon) and how the pattern is reflected by the glossy cabinetry.

Östermalm apartment, Lagerlings Östermalm apartment, Lagerlings

And yet another gorgeous lighting moment in what looks like a dressing area. I have no idea who designed this pendant light – if you do, please comment and I’ll include the info – but isn’t it beautiful? A light that is also a piece of sculpture. And as for the chunky knit Patricia Urquiola Mangas rug and footstool…

Östermalm apartment, Lagerlings

The bedroom, meanwhile, is quiet and un-showy yet also distinctive in its subtle colourscheme with touches of mauve, dusky pink, chalky yellow and mint green against warm grey tones. I must admit, for all that I love Scandi styling, many of the interiors you see do feel very similar. They share a common language in terms of the palette and styling touches. This interior has a more distinct personality, where each element has clearly been chosen with an individual eye.

Östermalm apartment, Lagerlings Östermalm apartment, Lagerlings

This apartment in Östermalm in Stockholm was marketed by Lagerlings. All photography via Lagerlings.

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