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8th December 2017

When I was choosing some new kitchen worktops a few years ago I went to visit a stone supplier outside Edinburgh to have a look at different granite finishes, and I remember being amazed when seeing all the giant slabs of stone on display. It’s one thing looking at small samples of stone in a showroom but quite another seeing unfinished stone slabs in a yard. So I can only imagine how impressive it would be to see these incredible stone finishes if visiting stone specialist Gerald Culliford‘s yard at Kingston Upon Thames.

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11th May 2017

Back in February I shared a post about Lundhs Real Stone worktops, otherwise known as ‘the kitchen worktops I’d like to have in my future home’, so perhaps I don’t need to explain why this latest collaboration between the Norwegian stone specialist Lundhs and the British and Norwegian design duo Thomas Jenkins and Sverre Uhnger caught my eye. Featuring Lundhs Blue stone combined with solid oak, this design collaboration is called As Long As You Like and offers a series of unique handmade dining tables that can be tailored to any length.

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22nd February 2017

Given my addiction to all things Scandi, it’s perhaps no surprise that these images from the Norwegian stone specialists Lundhs caught my eye. When I was choosing a new worktop for my own kitchen a few years back, my default mode was to opt for natural stone. (I should explain, while I rent, I’m really fortunate to have a landlord who understands that a tenant who looks at interiors for a living is a good person to get involved when considering any home improvements!) We considered granite in various colourways, but in the end I realised that I really didn’t want a high gloss finish. I wanted something matte, something quiet. I opted for this Silestone and it’s beautiful, but had I come across Lundhs Real Stone worktops, and specifically their silk matte finish stone, well, my kitchen might have looked a little different today.

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15th January 2014

It occurs to me that I’ve started a few posts now with the words: ‘This has been one of my favourite houses for a long time…’ If not exactly those words, then something similar. But it’s true: I’ve been bookmarking houses for over a year in the run up to launching this blog. And yes, many of them are favourites. Continue Reading…