22nd February 2017

Given my addiction to all things Scandi, it’s perhaps no surprise that these images from the Norwegian stone specialists Lundhs caught my eye. When I was choosing a new worktop for my own kitchen a few years back, my default mode was to opt for natural stone. (I should explain, while I rent, I’m really fortunate to have a landlord who understands that a tenant who looks at interiors for a living is a good person to get involved when considering any home improvements!) We considered granite in various colourways, but in the end I realised that I really didn’t want a high gloss finish. I wanted something matte, something quiet. I opted for this Silestone and it’s beautiful, but had I come across Lundhs Real Stone worktops, and specifically their silk matte finish stone, well, my kitchen might have looked a little different today.

Lundhs Emerald kitchen worktop

I should say that Lundhs create stone worktops in four different materials – Antique, Emerald (top photo and above), Blue, and Royal – and in both the silk matte finish (shown above) and a high gloss polished finish. Thor Lundh founded the company in 1962, following in his grandfather’s footsteps, and over fifty years later Norway’s leading exporter of natural stone is still a family-owned business.

Each piece of rock showcases a complex blend of beautiful feldspar crystals, and each is completely unique. The Lundhs Blue worktop (below) is made from Larvikite, which is quarried in Larvik, and this is the only place in the world where Larvikite is found. This stone’s combination of delicate blue and grey tones is complemented by hints of glistening crystals, creating a finish with beautiful depth.

Lundhs Blue kitchen worktopLundhs Blue kitchen worktopLundhs Blue kitchen worktop.

Lundhs Emerald (below) is again made from Larvikite and has a subtle silver-bluish lustre offsetting the dark background, which is a product of the interaction between light and the internal micro-structures of the mineral. Again this is a lively finish that feels timeless – any of these stones would look as good used in a minimal and contemporary kitchen as they would paired with more traditional painted cabinetry.

Lundhs Emerald kitchen worktops Lundhs Emerald kitchen worktop

The third Larvikite stone is Lundhs Royal (below) which features a blend of large crystals and bright blue colour. As with each of these stones, this surface is naturally heat resistant, and its high density prevents stains from water and other liquids such as oil and wine. While the high gloss polished surface, as below, is the most popular choice for Lundhs customers, I’m still drawn to the silky matte finish above. Indeed if choosing one of these worktops, I’d go for Lundhs Emerald in this silk finish.

Lundhs Royal kitchen worktop

Which brings me to Lundhs Antique – my personal favourite in terms of colour, but this particular stone is available in the polished finish (the three other stones are available in both). Antique is an Anorthosite stone sourced from the west of Norway and features a rich brown background colour scattered with clear blue crystals. Maybe, to get this colourway, I’d opt for polished over matte as this stone has such gorgeous warm tones.

Lundhs Antique kitchen worktopLundhs Antique kitchen worktop

Which would you be drawn to? And if, like me, you’ve been tempted away from natural finishes to a composite worktop, would these stones make you feel tempted back in the future? One detail I love is that each worktop made in Lundhs Real Stone is delivered with a certificate of authenticity, stating the origin of the stone. It’s not only about looking good: a kitchen worktop is something you’re going to use every single day. It should feel as good as it looks.

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