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25th May 2023

As I’m writing this, it’s the most glorious evening at John Muir Country Park, the kind of evening you dream about all winter. Sunny and warm with sparkling light; an evening where you want to be outdoors. I’m observing this from the car, in the car park, as Richard and I are taking turns for our solo walks. Rather than being out for a few hours, enjoying this weather, we’ll probably have an hour’s walking at most, as there’s only so long that anyone (including the lads) wants to sit in the car – especially when it’s warm. So, clearly not an ideal set up, but, as I mentioned in a previous post, this has turned into my writing time. I’m sitting with the door open, listening to the birds, and there are worse ways to spend an hour on a sunny evening.

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9th May 2023

Just a few photos with this post – and a few words too as this was a very local walk, and these solo walks are functional. It’s about clearing my head after a day at a screen, and, on this walk in March, it was about enjoying some early evening light a few days before the clocks changed and we officially had our evenings back. On this early evening, the harbour was busy with people working on their boats; sanding, painting, preparing, as just days later these yachts would all be on the water. The sign of a new season ahead.

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Take One


26th December 2022

During the locked down weeks and months of 2020, I walked to this harbour often. And whenever I was here, there were always other people doing the same: standing at the sea wall, gazing out to sea, or sitting on a bench, quietly absorbing the view across the harbour.

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