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18th April 2020

I started collecting beach finds when I was very young, walking on our local beach with my Dad and our Corgi Smut. My family moved to the coast when I was just three, so the sights and sounds and scents of the beach feel as if they are wound into my DNA. I had a collection of shells that grew and grew over the years, some picked up on our walks but others, including an entire collection of sea urchin shells, that my parents must have bought somewhere, although looking back, goodness knows where. I’m not sure what happened to them when I grew up. I’d like to think that they were passed on to someone else, but I guess they were thrown out, a childhood hobby that I’d outgrown.

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7th July 2018

I’ve been an admirer of Soo Burnell’s photographic prints since she launched her first collection three years ago, and of her typography prints before that, but also I’ve known Soo for years as we’ve worked together on interior features for magazines, before Copperline was born and before Soo launched SOOuK in 2013. Soo’s latest collection of photographic prints blew me away when I first saw them, and while you might expect me to say that about a friend’s work, really, they did.

I love the concept of poolside and Soo’s approach to the architecture of Edinburgh’s historic swimming pools, from the striking geometry to the dreamy colour palette, to the beautifully simplistic and minimal placement of figures within the spaces. Even after living in the city for years, I’ve never seen inside these public swimming pools, and am amazed by the detail of these ‘hidden’ spaces.

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22nd November 2016

I was recently introduced to the work of printmaker and pattern designer Jenni Douglas and, unsurprisingly, given that I’ve lived in or near Edinburgh for most of my life, I was immediately drawn to her collection of Edinburgh prints and linocuts. Jenni launched her business, Jenni Douglas Designs, in 2012, and her collections have expanded to incorporate animals and birds – I love her Woodpigeon Pair Print with its mustard, teal and grey combo – and woodland themes.

There’s also an extensive abstract pattern collection that includes shapes and forms inspired by nature – the Hillwalks Block Print is beautifully bold and graphic – along with midcentury references. As well as prints, Jenni also features her prints on a range of homewares including cushions and lampshades.

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28th November 2014

Back in August, as some of you may remember, I wrote a post on a Kickstarter campaign that had just been launched by a new venture called Art & Hue. At the time, Art & Hue was aiming to raise the funding for a collection of graphic pop art, and the successful campaign was followed by the launch of a striking website and a wide range of art prints. Continue Reading…



14th August 2014

If you’ve ever wondered, what’s a good way to pitch an idea to a blogger… Well, one way is to pitch it creatively. I first clocked Art & Hue thanks to a great feature on one of my favourite blogs Home Arty Home, when the bright graphics caught my eye, as did the fact that Art & Hue had just launched a Kickstarter campaign with the aim of raising funding for a new collection of graphic pop art. The campaign was launched at the beginning of August, coinciding with Home Arty Home’s feature (where you’ll find more photos), and has a deadline of Friday August 29, by which stage the project will be funded if at least £2,500 has been pledged. Continue Reading…

In Conversation


11th December 2013

From a love of the performing arts to her student days in Wales studying film and cinematography, the creative world has always played a role in Alice Carter’s personal and professional life. Now, as one half of the online gallery Boxbird – alongside her husband, illustrator Graham Carter – Alice gets to work with and showcase some of the UK’s leading illustrators, printmakers and fine artists. Continue Reading…