4th April 2018

It has indeed been a while since I’ve been here, and I wasn’t expecting to be taking such a lengthy break, but sometimes a break does you good. I’ve been taking a break from typing, other than for work, while my frozen shoulder slowly unfreezes. If you’d asked me what a frozen shoulder was last November, I’d have looked a little… non-plussed. “Tight muscles?” I’d have guessed. “Something you can stretch out?” And I’d have been wrong, as I discovered a few weeks later.

So I’ve spent less time typing, which meant a break from the blog, and more time on my yoga mat. And, looking ahead, I’m intending to continue this with more yoga and less time at my desk – although I’m excited to be back here again. I have a gorgeous Edinburgh home to share with you very soon, and some new interior products that have caught my eye.

And there are other new things happening. Copperline HQ is moving! Towards the end of May we’ll be packing our bags and boxes and heading out of town. I’m going to miss my local yoga studio, which I’ve been going to since 2004, and I’m certainly going to miss my office with its view over the rooftops towards Fife, but it’s time for a change. Change is good. So I probably should apologise now as my brain has shifted into ‘product sourcing mode’ and you know that this is going to inspire a few blog posts, right?

As for this image above, I took this on a recent walk at Tentsmuir in Fife, which is one of our favourite places to visit with the boys. It was a bright and sunny day and the light was just beautiful as it filtered through the trees – particularly, perhaps, at the end of a long winter. Writing this as it’s pouring with sleet outside, I can only say, here’s to spring days ahead…