10th January 2014

The new year always feels like a good time to shake up your routine, and the same is true of a blog. So I wanted to introduce a few new features here – without losing the core of what this blog is about. The people who are interested in reading about property are also just as interested in reading about great design.

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Which brings me to today’s International Fridays post – the BOLD Hotel in Munich, which opened last year. Granted, there are lots of fantastic design hotels out there, but this place caught my eye when I spotted it featured on the lovely AARV blog. (AARV’s Frida Liljestrand and Sandra Persson have a great design eye and I’d highly recommend a follow if you aren’t already).

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As Liljestrand and Persson point out in their post, this hotel looks more like a cozy home. There are lots of nice design touches, from the brass-finish hanging rails – it doesn’t get more on-trend that this – to the grey-on-grey palette and lovely vintage-style seating.

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The hotel was designed by Arnold/Werner and is pitched at the affordable price range of the hotel market. Which I like: affordable, without compromising on cool design aesthetics. I reckon this is one to bookmark.

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You’ll find more information and photos on BOLD Munich here.

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