17th July 2015

Sometimes the most random things can make you stop and take a closer look at an interior. For me, I’ve been obsessed with Vico Magistretti’s Atollo lamp for years – since I first laid eyes on one, probably in a magazine. My introduction to Atollo within a home environment was a long time ago, when I was writing about a property in Royal Circus in Edinburgh and the owners had a pair of these lamps in black. That was it for me. Designed in 1977, this lamp is a classic; a perfectly sculptural piece. Personally, I would choose this in black, as here, but the design is no less beautiful in opal Murano glass.


So you can understand why this interior caught my eye from Vogue Living. This three-storey home in New South Wales was a finalist in the Australian Interior Design Awards this year for the residential decoration category, and was renovated by Arent&Pyke, who transformed the once-gloomy interior into a light-filled and flowing home for a young couple.


Pale timbers and stone finishes enhance the light and create a warm backdrop, while black and brass detailing act as punctuations throughout. I’m particularly drawn to the interplay of textures here, and the use of artworks to add moments of drama, as below.


I love the crafted quality of this kitchen and the combination of timber, marble, and that gorgeous soft apple green hue used on the cabinetry.  And there are beautiful pieces, from the aforementioned Atollo lamp to a contemporary design classic: the Ro chair designed by Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen (top photo), which I must admit is another ‘on the wish list’ piece.


You can find many more photos of this interior on Vogue Living or on Arent&Pyke’s website.

Photography by Felix Forest, via Vogue Living.