22nd July 2022

It feels unusual to be writing ‘after the heat’ in a title, but these few photos are from Wednesday evening’s walk at Yellowcraig, and a walk that felt incredibly good after the few days of heat that preceded it. It was a relief to be here in the quietness and the openness of this space after three days of being tucked inside, blinds down, fans on, trying to stay cool. Having DM convos with friends about climate change. Just to be here, standing below this big sky after being cooped up in one room, grateful for the breeze.

The photo below shows the view to Fidra as we walked over the dunes, the sky flushed with pink and orange hues, while the photo above and the last photo here show the view to The Lamb from the other end of the beach. It would have been a great night to walk along the beach but, unfortunately, around a trillion sand flies were there to join us, so we made a quick exit back up the dunes and headed along the golf course instead.

It was a night to be thankful for these simple moments.

Yellowcraig, East Lothian, July 2022.