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12th July 2021

This has, without a doubt, become one of our favourite walks, even though – and I can’t quite believe this – we only discovered the section around St Baldred’s Cradle a few years ago. We’ve walked at Ravensheugh for years – along Lime Tree Walk, through the woods, and then along this incredible expanse of beach. I’ve taken umpteen sets of photos here, and have another blog post to share from several weeks back when the sky was even more moody and photogenic than it is here. But somehow, up until a few years ago, we’d missed the section of this walk that leads around the headland that is St Baldred’s Cradle.

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25th May 2020

Weekends have been the strangest days for me during these lockdown weeks. Mondays to Fridays still have a familiar routine: I’m still mostly at my desk, looking for work, doing work, and then getting stuck in the creative things that I love, like Steller. But weekends are different. Weekends have always been about being outdoors; about getting in the car and escaping somewhere. What places are on your list to escape to once lockdown eases? I’m not talking about big trips or far flung adventures at this point; I’m looking some weeks ahead to phase 2 of our COVID-19 route map in Scotland when we can drive to places that are local. For me, staying in East Lothian, my top three would be John Muir Country Park, Yellowcraig at low tide, and this place, Ravensheugh Sands, near Tyninghame.

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