23rd July 2021

Every so often, after days of sunshine, I feel like I need to rewind to some moody skies and scenes that suggest a cool breeze, which is exactly what I’m doing here with these photos from the end of May and a walk at Gullane Point. When I was first considering how to evolve the content here, I imagined that we’d be visiting more places when our worlds eased open. I expected to be sharing walks from Fife and Perthshire and Northumberland, and maybe a trip up north and and and… But the reality is, as we’ve moved into summer, we’ve been staying close to home. Sure, we’ve had a few day trips and I still intend to share those here, but most of our walks are in East Lothian as it’s been too warm and humid to travel far with the lads, and weekends feel too busy. That’s fundamental: places feel too busy at weekends. And we aren’t doing ‘busy’.

So here we are with a walk to Gullane Point – a walk that may feel familiar by now if you’ve been browsing recent posts, but, for me anyway, this place always feels different – indeed, all these walks do – depending on the weather and the skies and the light and the tides. And this is the kind of sky that I love: moody, layered, with lots of drama out over the water.

And also, this lower light highlights the textures of these rocks. Quite honestly, I never get tired of photographing these rock formations or the layers upon layers of white and creamy shells that are washed up here.

As for this photo, below: I’m rarely in front of the camera as I’m always the one taking photos, but I couldn’t resist capturing this moment with Harris, exploring together. This is what we love doing most. Yes, Bracken enjoys an adventure too, but he doesn’t live for adventures in the way Harris does. He doesn’t have that same curious spirit. So this is us in our shared happy place: outdoors, by the sea, together.

Gullane Point, East Lothian.