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28th November 2014

Back in August, as some of you may remember, I wrote a post on a Kickstarter campaign that had just been launched by a new venture called Art & Hue. At the time, Art & Hue was aiming to raise the funding for a collection of graphic pop art, and the successful campaign was followed by the launch of a striking website and a wide range of art prints. Continue Reading…



14th August 2014

If you’ve ever wondered, what’s a good way to pitch an idea to a blogger… Well, one way is to pitch it creatively. I first clocked Art & Hue thanks to a great feature on one of my favourite blogs Home Arty Home, when the bright graphics caught my eye, as did the fact that Art & Hue had just launched a Kickstarter campaign with the aim of raising funding for a new collection of graphic pop art. The campaign was launched at the beginning of August, coinciding with Home Arty Home’s feature (where you’ll find more photos), and has a deadline of Friday August 29, by which stage the project will be funded if at least £2,500 has been pledged. Continue Reading…