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22nd March 2021

It’s been so long since I’ve shared something design-related here. Indeed, scroll back and it was last year, and somehow we’re now edging towards the close of March. This small kitchen project by deVOL felt like a great way to ease back in to the design chat. I’ve been an admirer of deVOL’s handmade kitchens since I first came across the company way back, and it’s not just their kitchens that catch my eye – you may have seen my post on deVOL’s gorgeous handmade Lace Market Tiles from last year (if not, you can see it here).

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12th November 2015

Every so often an email appears in my inbox that is simply too good to resist, and when I received the photos of this gorgeous kitchen by the Italian company Cesar I knew they had to be shared. I always seem to be drawn to kitchens first when I’m looking at an interior, and while it’s a bit of a cliché to say that a great kitchen can help sell a house or flat when it comes to market, it’s also true. The kitchen – particularly a dining-kitchen that you can basically live in – has shifted to become the focus in our homes.

And I’m always drawn to contrasts – in this case, a super-crisp and immaculately detailed kitchen within a period space.

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11th December 2014

My first experience of seeing concrete used in a kitchen was years ago – way before concrete started popping up in super-cool interiors all over blogs and on Pinterest. Indeed, way before Pinterest. Turn the clock back about 15 years and I was writing about a Georgian townhouse in Edinburgh where the designer – it was also her home – had installed a contemporary kitchen featuring a poured concrete worktop. Now, I won’t pretend to know the practicalities of this, but I recall that it was a challenging detail as the kitchen needed to have a reinforced frame of some kind to support the weight. The concrete looked fantastic though, with a lovely patina. And, I remember, it felt very different to the sleek granite worktops I was seeing everywhere at that time. I was sold. Continue Reading…



11th March 2014

I’ll admit, black wouldn’t be the first colour I’d choose when designing a kitchen. This isn’t to say that I can’t appreciate black kitchens – I even wrote a post on the subject on Copperline on Tumblr, where I swooned over a variety of sleek designs. My first choice would be a chalky grey hue, but every so often a black kitchen crops up on Pinterest or Tumblr, or on another blog, and it stops me in my tracks. Continue Reading…