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Gareth Hoskins



10th December 2015

“I’d never been to Scotland; I’d always wanted to visit but had never done it,” says Ian Lillicrap as he reflects on the chance find that led him to buy a home here in 2008. “One Friday I was reading through a newspaper property section and I saw a photo of this house, of the main south elevation, and thought, ‘I love the architecture of that! Where is it?'”

The Duncan House is one of those properties that makes you stop and look. There’s the striking architecture with the extensive use of glass and the dramatic sweeping roofline; the giant boulders integrated within the external landscaping as you approach; the contemporary interior style with its beautifully crafted timber detailing; and the setting within a historic walled garden – any of these elements might make you stop, but put them all together and you have a very distinctive and unique home.

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