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30th August 2022

It feels like no time since I was writing my previous post here, but that was a few weeks ago, just before we were about to have a two week-long break. It’s a funny thing having a holiday when you don’t have work to return to. Obviously, you’re carrying the worry and all the uncertainty with you. But we had day trips and long coastal walks in the evenings. We went to Fife and Perthshire and the Trossachs. We didn’t do everything we’d planned, but that’s life when you’re feeling a bit tired and stressed, right? I thought I’d blog throughout the break, but ended up editing photos from our walks, and once I’d done that I wasn’t tempted by any more screen time. And that was fine.

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Take One


2nd May 2022

When I shared this photo on Instagram, I asked: where is this? Is it France… or Fife? Anyone who knows me would know the answer pretty easily, but while this is indeed Fife – Cambo Gardens within Cambo Estate, which is one of our favourite places to visit – it could as easily be a wonderful old farmhouse in France.

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25th February 2016

I’m aware that I often write about houses that I could imagine living in, and as I was thinking about this house, Craigdene, I realised that I had to write it again: here is a house that I could definitely imagine as my home. Yes, with some houses, that’s a dream – I’m writing about an incredible property that’s far outside my budget of possibility (short of a lottery win, that is). We all love looking at those dream houses, but it’s also great to discover a property that not only looks interesting, with an interior that’s filled with style and personality, but is also realistic. Achievable.

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21st July 2015

I can’t recall the first time I visited the Fife village of Falkland – it was years ago, and I was most likely writing about a house there – but every time I’ve been back since, I always end up taking photos of the historic buildings that give this conservation village so much character. The most famous, of course, is Falkland Palace, but I’m as drawn to the detailing on the smaller properties and cottages. It’s the kind of place that could get under your skin.

Little wonder then that having lived in Falkland as a youngster, Daniel Aitkenhead grabbed the chance to put down roots here and purchase Lilac Cottage when the property came on the market two years ago.

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3rd September 2014

I don’t always post exterior images of the properties featured here as often, when I look at a post, it just flows better with a selection of great looking interiors. But some houses really can’t be explained by interiors alone. The Neuk is one of them. And that’s why I started this post with the exterior photos, showing this property from the street, where it looks cottagey and quaint, and then from the reverse, where the dramatic extension transforms a quaint cottage into a striking home. Continue Reading…



14th November 2013

Simon and Clare Platt may not have been looking for a new build house when they started their search for a holiday home, but when they came to view this property in Fife’s East Neuk the location instantly won them over. The house sits within the grounds of the grand Elie House – a classic Palladian Grade A listed mansion that was converted into 13 apartments by The Chris Stewart Group. Continue Reading…