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22nd November 2017

Okay, quiz time. What date was the film Notting Hill released: was it 2005, 2002, or 1999? Why am I asking this? Well, because I can’t believe that the correct answer is… a whole 18 years ago and in a different century! If you’ve watched the film, you’ll remember the Travel Bookshop that was owned by Hugh Grant’s character – the scene of the famous “I’m also just a girl, asking a boy…” line. All of which brings me to this apartment – the flat above the shop – that has been redesigned by the Notting Hill-based Cubic Studios.

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31st October 2014

Crafted. That’s the word that springs to mind when looking at these images. Crafted, and to perfection. This five floor stucco-fronted property in London’s Notting Hill has been redesigned to create an exciting contemporary home that’s filled with bespoke touches. Continue Reading…