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22nd November 2017

Okay, quiz time. What date was the film Notting Hill released: was it 2005, 2002, or 1999? Why am I asking this? Well, because I can’t believe that the correct answer is… a whole 18 years ago and in a different century! If you’ve watched the film, you’ll remember the Travel Bookshop that was owned by Hugh Grant’s character – the scene of the famous “I’m also just a girl, asking a boy…” line. All of which brings me to this apartment – the flat above the shop – that has been redesigned by the Notting Hill-based Cubic Studios.

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7th January 2015

I can’t resist exposed brickwork, so it’s easy to see why this new house in Melbourne caught my eye when it was featured on HomeDSGN. House of Bricks was designed by the Melbourne based studio Jolson who describe the building as a “contemporary re-interpretation of warehouse living. Continue Reading…



11th November 2014

Exposed brick and concrete, high ceilings and open plan living, and an aesthetic that offers more than a hint of an industrial vibe – this apartment on the third floor of the Royle Building on Wenlock Road in London’s Hackney is one of those properties that falls into the ‘love at first sight’ category for me. Continue Reading…



15th April 2014

When you’re a property writer looking for a hook to a story, it doesn’t get much better than realizing that the house you’re writing about was once owned by Stephen Fry. I mean, The Stephen Fry. As hooks go, that’s a pretty good one. Continue Reading…



11th March 2014

I’ll admit, black wouldn’t be the first colour I’d choose when designing a kitchen. This isn’t to say that I can’t appreciate black kitchens – I even wrote a post on the subject on Copperline on Tumblr, where I swooned over a variety of sleek designs. My first choice would be a chalky grey hue, but every so often a black kitchen crops up on Pinterest or Tumblr, or on another blog, and it stops me in my tracks. Continue Reading…