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1st February 2019

One of the main things that made me want to get back here after a break was simply blogging about things that catch my eye. Design I love and houses to get excited about. You know when you see something interesting and just want to write about it? That’s why I blog. And one of my favourite houses that I’ve shared here was back in 2013 when I came across the C/Z House in the Portuguese Azores, designed by SAMI Arquitectos – a minimal and contemporary black timber-clad house with flowing open plan spaces designed for family living, and with large windows and glazed walls creating an indoor-outdoor flow. While simple and graphic, the house also blended with its natural environment, as if hugging the rugged landscape.

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18th March 2016

When I saw this house pop up on my Facebook feed from The Modern House I knew I had to share it. What is it about black timber houses that makes them so appealing? I’m clearly not alone in this fascination: if you search for ‘black timber houses‘ on Dezeen you’ll find a staggering 3,290 results.

This exterior of this three bedroom house just outside the town of Burnham Market in Norfolk has a combination of black-painted timber and brick, and according to the book The New Country Style: England (by Ingrid Rasmussen and Chloe Grimshaw) its striking form was inspired in part by the angular shape of the local Norfolk windmills.

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22nd February 2014

Located just south of Perth in the town of Margaret River in Western Australia, Karri Loop House is a wonderful example of a building that’s been designed and constructed in harmony with its setting. And I mean that literally as this house was built around three existing trees. The building was designed by MORQ and has an H-shaped plan that wraps around the tree trunks while framing a pair of courtyards. Continue Reading…