14th June 2014

If you saw my earlier post on this warehouse conversion in London, you’ll already be aware of how much I love this house. So much, in fact, that it deserved two posts. Part 1 looked at the open plan living, dining and kitchen space that occupies the first floor of this property on St. Johns Avenue, which was converted from its former life as a wood workshop by the current owners working with architects Flower Michelin.

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Part 2 heads downstairs to the ground level, where you’ll find three bedrooms along with a family bathroom and a shower room. The detailing is crisp, and there are clever touches, as in the two larger bedrooms where light streams in from above.


Once again, the shades-of-grey palette is just a dream – looking at the photos above makes me want to paint my bedroom in this warm grey tone right now. Little Greene’s Dark Lead Colour looks similar, as does Leaden from the Artisan range by Ecos Organic Paints and Monument from Paint Library.


And again, there’s that eclectic mix of pieces and oh-so-subtle and uncluttered styling. This interior demonstrates restraint, without feeling overly minimal or cold in any way. An idea to steal from this: grouping artworks so that each piece relates to the other, and not being afraid of the bare expanses of wall surrounding each display.


I’m partial to contemporary and graphic prints, but this interior makes me want to search out old portraits and landscapes.

And once again, as in the main living space, there’s the power of a few pops of colour, as with the teal sofa in one bedroom, where the hue is picked up in the vintage-style vase and, in a cooler tone, in the floor lamp. Beautiful.


St. Johns Avenue was marketed by The Modern House. Photography from The Modern House.

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