16th July 2014

When I first saw this house feature on Elle Décor Italia it stopped me my tracks. I mean, look at this house. Look at this jawdropping location, perched on top of a cliff 50 metres above sea level, with expansive ocean views. What a setting to call home.

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Tunquen House is located in the Chilean region of Valparaíso about 160 km from the city of Santiago, and is used as a holiday home. The building was designed in 2012 by Nicolás Lipthay Allen/L2C. The linear house is divided into three zones: the open plan living room, dining area and kitchen, with the main bedroom at one end of the building and the family and guest bedrooms at the other.

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The exposed nature of the location clearly influenced the design: a courtyard was created that’s accessed from the main living space, offering a fluid indoor-outdoor zone that’s protected from the strong sea winds.


I love the refinement and quiet simplicity of this interior, and the way that the whitewashed timber roof beams add a slightly rugged edge alongside the crisp white walls that feature both inside and out. Simply beautiful.


Photography by © Nico Saieh, as featured on ArchDaily and Elle Décor Italia.