11th June 2021

It’s a clich√© to say, these weeks are flying past… but they really are. We’re racing towards the longest day of the year far too quickly for my liking, and as much as I’m looking forwards to the seasonal shift of cooler days, just… not yet. I want to hang on to every minute of daylight that we have. Every single minute.

And I have a lot of catching up to do here. I’ve got into the habit of list-making this year. I start every week with a planning list that notes things like work to chase, photos to edit, Steller stories to draft, Instagram posts to draft, and blog posts to write. And every week, without fail, I fall behind and the blog posts are the parts of the list that never make it into reality.

So, in an attempt to address this, I’d just going to post some photos, starting with this beach walk from a few weeks back when we arrived at Yellowcraig to these moody skies. My favourite kind of skies. And this is one of my favourite moments, as you walk up to the top of the dunes and the view just opens up. There’s something about this place at low tide. It feels like a reset; a physical and mental reset that can press pause on whatever the week has been building up in my mind.

Yellowcraig, East Lothian.

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