9th September 2021

How did we get to September? Looking back, I realise my previous post was from the end of July, and I certainly didn’t expect to skip the whole of August. The whole of August. And it was a good month (heat and humidity aside) as we had a week’s holiday with day trips to Northumberland and Fife, so yes, I have a bit of catching up to do here.

But first, before rewinding through August, I’m starting with this glowing Saturday walk (also from July) to Gullane Point and back along the sandy beach at Gullane. I’ve shared this walk before – this post from the previous weekend shows this location in very different light – so I’ll leave these photos to describe the scenes as the light shifted and blazed and dipped. This isn’t a long walk by any stretch – according to my phone it’s under 4km – but its variety combined with these expansive views always makes this walk feel longer, somehow. And on nights like this, in this light, it’s breathtaking. You just have to pause and gaze.

Gullane, East Lothian.