15th November 2017

It’s been way too long since I’ve shared a gorgeous Swedish home, and while I have a list of spaces I need to share – look out for a fantastic Edinburgh Airbnb coming up – I just wanted to start with this super-styled Stockholm apartment. Why? Well, because Edinburgh is really feeling like winter now. It’s cold and it’s grey and I’m missing daylight. And this light-filled apartment is reminding me that winter won’t last forever. Anyone else need cheering up today?

Tucked on a quiet back street in Långholmen, this one bedroom apartment demonstrates how much style you can squeeze into a comparatively compact living space. With its tall windows, period radiators and herringbone parquet flooring, you can’t go wrong with a backdrop like this. Would I change it? Well yes, I’d add some subtle colour – and wallpaper! Having lived with white walls for years, I’m now longing for something warmer, but in this context, with simple, clean-lined styling and a careful eye for display – as you would expect from any property on the market with Fantastic Frank – this quiet aesthetic creates a serene mood.

I like the partition wall defining the cooking from the seating area – a good idea in an otherwise open plan space – and in terms of the furnishings I’m drawn to the midcentury mix. I’d need to add a super-comfy sofa into this seating area, and more textiles to create a more cosy feel, but I can enjoy the restraint of this approach and, yes, the layering of texture rather than colour. What would you change about this space?

This Stockholm apartment is on the market with Fantastic Frank. All photograph via Fantastic Frank.