16th April 2014

When I came across this video interview with Parisian architect Joseph Dirand via Twitter, I can honestly say that watching Dirand discuss his beautiful home in Paris stopped me in my tracks. I already knew of Dirand’s work – I’ve posted about another glorious elegant project of his – but still, his own home is just exquisite in its refined aesthetic and gorgeous, gorgeous use of materials.

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Consider the kitchen with its herringbone parquet floor and chunky marble countertop and matching splashback – though the word ‘splashback’ doesn’t do this feature justice. Look at the compact dining area in the kitchen with its built-in bench seating. Look at that perfectly minimal marble fireplace in the living room. And the way in which the period detailing – detailing that Dirand installed into this property in the city’s 7th Arrondissement – is effortlessly complemented by the elegant, clean-lined furniture.


As well as posting the video, The New York Times also featured an interview with Dirand which you can read here, and it’s a great piece by Tom Delavan that details the architect’s meticulous approach. My favourite quote from Dirand in the feature is this: “I don’t care about style anymore, in a way I hate style, I hate design… It’s about life, and generosity.”


Which is an interesting statement coming from someone with such an undeniably stylish aesthetic. But perhaps he’s referring to ‘overblown’ design; to style that tries too hard. This space, by contrast, feels more quietly luxurious.


Photography by Simon Watson for The New York Times; read the feature here.

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