21st May 2016

Parquet flooring: check. Shades of grey painted walls: check. Absolutely gorgeous styling: definitely check. This apartment in the Östermalm district of central Stockholm really was love at first sight. The newly renovated property was marketed by Lagerlings – another new discovery for me. Be warned though – with a combination of beautiful properties and immaculate styling and photography, you can get lost in this estate agency’s website for some time.

Narvavägen 27Narvavägen 27 Narvavägen 27

The building dates from the late 1800s and this apartment is described as having four rooms and an open plan kitchen, with terraces on the east and west elevations. The herringbone parquet alone has me sold on this space, but I’m also intrigued by how the owners have worked with light and shade, particularly in the open plan dining and kitchen area.

Narvavägen 27 Narvavägen 27

The former gains natural light from the French doors that open between this space and the living room, and that light extends into the kitchen, but rather than using white or a very pale palette to try and enhance the light, the owners have opted for a warm grey palette that makes a feature of these darker areas.

Narvavägen 27 Narvavägen 27

I love this minimal approach, with streamlined and handleless cabinetry by Minotti, and with the full-height cabinetry on one side of the kitchen creating a wall of storage. The different shades of grey will shift in the changing light. That pop of yellow in the breakfast area offsets the grey, and the hue is picked up again in the elegant grey and blue-toned living room.

Narvavägen 27 Narvavägen 27 Narvavägen 27

Just beautiful. This apartment has sold but you can see more photos on the listing by Lagerlings. All photos via Lagerlings’ website.