Take One


2nd May 2022

When I shared this photo on Instagram, I asked: where is this? Is it France… or Fife? Anyone who knows me would know the answer pretty easily, but while this is indeed Fife – Cambo Gardens within Cambo Estate, which is one of our favourite places to visit – it could as easily be a wonderful old farmhouse in France.

This moment is from a few years ago, before the pandemic, and while on the face of it this is just a photo of a good looking building in some nice light, it also reminds me of all the places that we haven’t been to over the past few years, not just because of lockdowns or the restrictions of 2020 and early 2021, but because places just feel too busy now. For me anyway. My craving for quietness has increased over the last few years. Now it’s all about open spaces and big skies.

Saying that, we revisited Cambo at the weekend, on a rainy and dreich afternoon. Okay, I might have preferred a bit of sunshine, as on this day a few years back, but I really enjoyed the peace of walking around the walled garden and on through the woodland with no one else around. Look out for that post to follow here soon.

Cambo Gardens, Fife.