3rd July 2020

It’s been just over a month since my last post, and I’m not sure how this happened. While it feels as if lockdown has lasted for a very long time indeed, when it comes to work and deadlines and cramming things into a week, June seemed to fly past. Anyone else feeling this? Lockdown has created a pattern where every piece of work has taken longer to do, and I was creating Steller stories too, so the blog took a backseat. But here we are on July 3, and this feels like a big date in Scotland as after all these weeks (almost fifteen weeks) of staying close to home, we can travel again. Just knowing that we can get in the car and go places, and return to our much-missed coastal walks, feels so good. 

And this also felt like a great time to share a blog post. I’ve quite a lot to share (look out for a fantastic Q&A with Horticus founder Anna Lisovskaya heading this way) but on this rainy, dreich first Friday in July, a day that bears the gloom of November, I wanted to start with something simple: this glorious sunset walk along our local beach. A walk where the sea looked pearlescent in this glowing light.

Thursday 28 May, Musselburgh.

You can see more from this walk here on Steller.