10th April 2019

I have a confession to make, and I can’t quite believe that I’m writing this but…. I’ve never been a big fan of house plants. Okay, before you throw your hands up in horror, I’m blaming my childhood for this (of course). Growing up, our home was filled with plants. We had macrame hanging baskets with plants. Spider plants everywhere. And mother-in-law’s tongues looking spiky and defiant alongside the fireplace. I grew up surrounded by plants, and rather than making me appreciate and enjoy all this natural greenery, as soon as I had my own place I made sure that it was a plant-free zone. Too busy, too leafy, too spiky, too green. There was no space in my home for plants.


But then, more recently, plants started cropping up everywhere in interiors. It was impossible to open Pinterest without scrolling photos of perfectly styled interiors featuring fiddle fig leaf trees. Macrame hanging pot holders made a return. Yes, I lived with them first time round – and yes, I even use to make them as a kid, back in the days before Etsy might have encouraged me to turn that childhood hobby into a business venture. I won’t lie: I started to like the look of all this greenery.

And now my eye is being caught by all things plant and foliage related, from the incredible botanical prints by The Dybdahl Co. to foliage-rich wallpapers (so many, but that’s for another post I reckon) and, now, a new collection of tiles from Original Style.



Original Style’s Eden range of ceramic tiles reflects this ongoing botanical trend but with the most subtle of palettes and in a matt glazed finish. There are three leafy designs to choose from ranging from the delicate fronds of Pergola, above, to the more dramatic Hothouse, below, with its interweaving palm leaves, to the ferns in my favourite design of the three, Glade – and all in a gentle, misty palette of off-white and pale green and grey tones.



Designed and printed in-house at Original Style’s production site in Exeter in Devon, personally I’d use these tiles in a bathroom – particularly if used in a large shower area, as shown with Pergola – but these tiles would also work as beautifully in a kitchen alongside contemporary and minimal cabinetry, as if bringing the outside in. The Eden range feature a large format of 600 x 300mm, creating an almost seamless look for an appearance that mimics wallpaper but with all the advantages of a tiled finish.



See more from Original Style: Pergola, Hothouse and Glade.

All photography by Original Style.

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  • Reply Adam Smith 11th April 2019 at 12:42 pm

    Quite impressive.Like the tile designs & the matching bathroom accessories.

    • Reply Fiona Reid 11th April 2019 at 12:58 pm

      I’m with you Adam. The whole styling of these bathroom spaces feels great. And I can imagine using these tiles too. Understated yet… impactful!

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