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14th December 2017

Back in September I featured the new wallpaper collection from UK textile company Flock, who work with an eclectic mix of artists, designers and recent graduates to create a bold and beautiful collection of textiles for interiors. Flock has since launched a new collection called Blocks – a Yorkshire wool textile that’s available as a throw and cushion, and also to purchase by the metre.

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24th April 2017

While I’ve always imagined that my future kitchen or bathroom would feature white subway tiles – as it’s a timeless look that I can’t get enough of – I was considering a project over the last few weeks that challenged this ideal. The kitchen in question was tucked at the back of an open plan living space, so it was darker than most, while the bathroom was internal, and I realised that while white subway tiling could look great in both spaces, deeper and warmer tones could look even better.

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7th May 2014

If you noted my previous post, you’ll have clocked the geometric tiling obsession, and that post reminded me of this incredible property located in the heart of Barcelona. There’s geometric tiling, and then there’s geometric tiling – that is, tiles that are used as an integral design element, both in terms of their decoration and, as here, as a means of defining zones within an open plan living space. Continue Reading…



29th April 2014

Okay, I’ll admit, the title of this post is a little misleading. It suggests that I have so far posted about 545 other obsessions (which I don’t think I have) but it struck me while looking at this apartment in Barcelona just how many posts on Copperline have made reference to one obsession or another, be it elegant Parisian apartments or houses clad in black timber (of which there are now too many examples to mention!). Continue Reading…



22nd February 2014

Located just south of Perth in the town of Margaret River in Western Australia, Karri Loop House is a wonderful example of a building that’s been designed and constructed in harmony with its setting. And I mean that literally as this house was built around three existing trees. The building was designed by MORQ and has an H-shaped plan that wraps around the tree trunks while framing a pair of courtyards. Continue Reading…