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22nd May 2020

I seem to have settled into a habit of late night scrolling on Pinterest, usually just before I pop my phone onto airplane and head to bed, but first I’ll tap open Pinterest for a quick browse – you know, five minutes, not a moment longer – and half an hour later I’m still there because I’ve happened across a timber-clad house and that’s led me to lots of other timber-clad houses, and then I’m sucked into a Pinterest vortex of timber cabins. Which is what happened here, when I came across Villa Rauhanniemi, the beautiful vacation home of Joanna Laajisto, the creative talent behind the Finnish architecture practice Studio Joanna Laajisto. Before going any further, can we take a second to appreciate this combo of herringbone brick floor and timber panelling below? Gorgeous.

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16th August 2016

I remember when I first started Copperline – when the blog was only on Tumblr – I featured quite a few black timber houses. After the first couple of posts, I realised that this aesthetic was a bit of a ‘dream house’ moment for me, and it still is. Back in March I shared this timber house in Norfolk, and it remains one of my favourites so far of 2016.

Which explains why this house, Summer Villa VI by Haroma & Partners, caught my eye. There are seven summer villas listed on Haroma & Partners’ site, and number VI is located in Kustavi in southwest Finland.

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20th December 2013

A few weeks ago I featured a minimal black and white timber house on Copperline: crisp white inside, warmed by the furnishings in black, dark grey and natural wood, and with black painted pine cladding on the exterior. I didn’t think I’d find something else where this monochromatic palette was used to achieve an even more streamlined and pared back effect, but this house in Virrat in Finland really is, simply, black and white. Continue Reading…