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23rd January 2020

Well hello, and yes, it feels like it’s been forever. Which it has been considering that my last post here was back in May 2019 when I decided to take a few months break from blogging (as I wasn’t feeling inspired) and then I just didn’t come back. And in all honesty, I didn’t think that I was coming back. I was planning a different blog, a more personal one, and I had a new domain (with a name I love), and was thinking about a new design (always exciting), and then I had a convo with my amazing designer Odysseas of 286Blue, who created this blog back in 2015, and he pointed out (not for the first time) that any blog can evolve. I’ve said it myself, I know, but I was itching for something new. A fresh start. But Odysseas suggested that I simply change things up a little. Add new content if I felt like it. But don’t throw away everything that’s already been created here.

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29th January 2014

Every so often I come across a property that I can really imagine living in. This is something of an occupational hazard, clearly, but it’s one thing seeing a great looking house that you can appreciate for its style and character, but another seeing a place that you can easily imagine transporting yourself and your belongings into. There are lots of great properties around, but some just ‘connect’. Continue Reading…