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22nd November 2017

Okay, quiz time. What date was the film Notting Hill released: was it 2005, 2002, or 1999? Why am I asking this? Well, because I can’t believe that the correct answer is… a whole 18 years ago and in a different century! If you’ve watched the film, you’ll remember the Travel Bookshop that was owned by Hugh Grant’s character – the scene of the famous “I’m also just a girl, asking a boy…” line. All of which brings me to this apartment – the flat above the shop – that has been redesigned by the Notting Hill-based Cubic Studios.

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2nd October 2013

What better way to kick off an interiors, architecture and design blog called Copperline than to feature a range of stunning coppery mirrors. The Copper Mirrors Series is the work of London-based Norwegian design duo Amy Hunting and Oscar Narud of Hunting and Narud, and consists of a range of pivoting polished copper discs that stand on mild steel frames rooted by stone bases. There’s something striking in the refinement yet strength of these designs, and particularly in the contrast between the polished metal and the solidity of the stone blocks. Continue Reading…